The process of executing orders using automated, pre-programmed trading instructions that take time, price, and volume into consideration is known as algorithmic trading.

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Our algorithms identify opportunities and execute trades through pre-set and pre-tested logic chains so that you can analyse large amounts of data in real-time, identify patterns and make trades faster and more accurately than ever before.

Bigul allows you to take your trading game to the next level. A user-friendly interface and powerful features empower traders to make smarter, more informed trading decisions without any hidden 'cost'.

Pre-Built Trading Templates

The most popular trading strategy templates available at your fingertips.

What BIGUL Offers


Maximise strategy success with Bigul's backtesting services that offer the tools and analysis to evaluate past performance and inform future decisions.

Strategy Builder

Develop your algorithmic trading strategies using over 100 indicators, through an intuitive, and a no-code platform.

Virtual Trading

Practice your investment strategies in simulated market conditions with our paper trading option. Improve your skills and build confidence before entering the real market.

Prebuilt Trading Strategies

Meet your unique goal and needs of business with Bigul's prebuilt trading strategies that provide a strategic approach to deliver results.

Execution Algos

Trade with ease using pre-designed templates and execute your trades through Bigul's advanced algorithmic engine.

Multiple Segments

Get tailored solutions with our trend-based multi-segment approach for equities and commodities. Meet securities criteria and achieve the best outcomes for your target group.

With Bigul’s Algo Trading

  • Fast order placement with single click
  • Build customised or use pre-defined strategies
  • Place profit and stop-loss orders with a single click
  • Execute a multi-leg spread strategy on mobile
  • ₹18 Flat brokerage per order
  • Free Algo Trading Software

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Algo Trading is a method of executing trades automatically using mathematical algorithms and software. It takes emotions out of the equation and provides a more systematic approach to trading.

Algo trading analyses market data in real time and executes trades based on pre-built rules and algorithms. The algorithms are designed to identify profitable opportunities in the market and execute trades accordingly.

Some benefits of using an algo trading platform include increased speed and accuracy of trading, reduced human error, improved efficiency, and the ability to analyse large amounts of data quickly.

Algo Trading typically includes real-time market data, advanced charting and technical analysis tools, the ability to backtest strategies, and a user-friendly interface for creating and executing trades. Some platforms may also offer pre-built algorithms, automation capabilities, and the ability to integrate with other financial tools and services.

Yes, Bigul's Algo Trading platform offers customisation of your trading strategies, including the ability to set your own rules and parameters for trade execution. It also allows you to create a strategy tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Yes, our algo trading platforms are designed specifically for high-frequency trading strategies, which require extremely fast order execution and low latency.

There are no charges for using Bigul's algo trading platform.

Yes, we offer the ability to backtest your strategies, which allows you to see how your strategy would have performed in historical market conditions. This can be useful for refining and improving your strategy before using it in live markets.

There are no charges on backtesting, as Bigul offer its Algo Trading platform free of cost for its users.

Yes, Bigul's Algo Trading platform offers automation capabilities, allowing you to automate your trading strategy and have it execute trades automatically based on your defined rules and parameters. This can help to eliminate the need for manual intervention and can help to ensure consistency and discipline in your trading approach.

Yes, it is possible to use multiple algo trading platforms simultaneously to execute different trading strategies or to take advantage of different platform features.

While Algo Trading can be a powerful tool for experienced traders, it can also be accessible to those with less experience. Bigul also offers educational resources and a user-friendly interface to help its users get started and become more confident in their trading strategies.

Algo Trading can be significantly faster than manual trading, using algorithms to analyse and execute trades in real-time. This can lead to faster and more efficient trade execution, reduced latency and the ability to take advantage of market opportunities more quickly.

There is no brokerage on Virtual Trading, as Bigul offer's its Algo Trading platform free of cost for its users.

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